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Katharine Quinn, Jorie Janeway, and Carlyn Connolly met performing in Roanoke, Virginia in a production of White Christmas, and it was pretty much love at first sight. Carlyn and Katharine played the Haynes Sisters (Betty and Judy respectively), and Jorie played Martha Watson. The ladies had a trio in the show--tight, three part harmonies. Not only did the ladies have a blast, but that number was one of the best received in the show. Performing their archetypal characters (Carlyn as the crooner Betty, Katharine as mischievous dancer Judy, and Jorie as hilarious comedian Martha) was fun--but joining forces was truly something special. It dawned on Katharine--"Why don't we take this a step (or several) further?" And thus, inspiration for Always Andrews (and the aptly named Watson-Haynes Productions, LLC) was born. Over the next year, these women poured over Andrews Sisters tunes, rights, impossibly intricate transcriptions of original harmonies, any video footage of classic variety shows (a la Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews) they could get their hands on, hired musicians, and secured space for a workshop at Mill Mountain Theater in Roanoke, VA (where they all met!) This project has been a labor of so much love and Watson-Haynes is so thrilled for the journey ahead. For inquiries and bookings, scroll down, or hit the contact button above. Thanks for visiting!

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